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Nothing to see here, drive through

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adrenalin, afterlife, alaska, ancient ruins, angst, arizona highways, aspen trees, asphyxiation, autism, bdsm, behavior disorders, behavior modification, bondage, boston, boxers, branding, cereal boxes, chatroom melodrama, chocolate covered expresso beans, coffee, compulsion, counter culture, courage, crime labs, criminal justice, cubism, cults, daggers, dante's inferno, death, degradation, delirium, dependence, depravity, depression, devotion, dido, dominance, egyptian pyramids, escher, euphoria, fanatical thinking, fear, ghost towns, gorillaz, gut wrenching honesty, hallucinations, henri matisse, history, horseback riding, humiliation, hunter s thompson, imagination, innocence, insomnia, integrity, interrogation, intuition, italian food, jazz, johnny cash, josef mengele, king of the hill, knots, kurt vonnegut, libraries, life changing events, london, macabre, magic, manchester terriers, medieval, meditation, mexican food, mogollion rim, mongoose, morbid reflection, mummification, museums, mythology, narcotics anonymous, native americans, nba, nervous laughter, new orleans, nightmares, old graveyards, old pocket watches, opium dens, pablo picasso, passion, pee wees playhouse, personality quirks, phillip k dick, piercing, pirahna, planetariums, power exchange, preying mantis, primus, psychology, punk rock, religion, route 66, sadomasochism, san fransisco, scorpions, self awareness, sensory deprivation, serenity, silence, silly putty, slavery, socialism, southpark, spirituality, stephen donaldson, stress balls, submission, surrealism, surrender, tearful expressions, the cranberries, the family guy, tim burton, tombs, twisted minds, victorian houses, volcanoes, voltaire, voodoo, wallace and gromit, wisdom, zippo lighters